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I’m Riann Taylor, PT and Certified Reflexologist.

I love alternative medicine, especially for overall health. I am a physical therapist by trade and have worked in the healthcare field since 2000. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 great kids.

I originally entered the world of alternative medicine when my youngest child was born with a rare heart defect. Little did I know how much he would change our world and our way of thinking. With his illness, he could not take your typical medications for cold and flu so we had to look into other options. First, we needed to keep him healthy.  Secondly, if he became sick, we needed a plan on how to treat his illness.

At the same time as his first open heart reconstruction and increased overall stress on our family, I noticed my health was definitely being affected. I was burning the candle at both ends and really doing some damage to my overall health. I began to wake up with overall joint pains, fatigue, exhaustion and continued illnesses. I was referred to a rheumatologist but did not like the plan of care that was offered which included lifelong medications to keep a potential auto-immune disorder at bay.

At this point, I knew there had to be another option. I began to explore alternative medicines and started seeing an acupuncturist. While this helped, I found that my first acupuncturist was not the right one for me. He requested I come 2-3x/week for treatment and would always work the same points. Having a newborn baby with increased medical needs, coming 2-3 times a week was not reasonable. I was frustrated by the fact that he was not looking for the best option for my needs including being respective of my time and money. I have tried to incorporate this into my own practice by offering many different price points as well as options for frequency on scheduling based on the client’s needs.

I continued to look for the “right” acupuncturist and found my current one. She has been such a wonderful mentor, friend, and medical professional that I was encouraged by her to continue to look and find my next passion. During each session, I would ask questions regarding the placement of the needles, what they were affecting, and how it all worked together.

Since 2007, I have learned so much from this wonderful, intelligent lady who supported my curiosity. She told me, “I think you might even go to acupuncture school.” While I knew it was too much of a commitment for me to make at that time, I also knew that there was something else out there for me. During this time, I had also been receiving massage on a regular basis. The combination of acupuncture and massage helped to manage my joint pain and adrenal insufficiency. This was the time that I realized that self-care was so very important. To this day, I still receive body work including chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture on a monthly basis for maintenance of health and prevention of illness.

After 18 years of working in the acute care hospital setting, I knew I wanted to add more to my offering and skill set. I have always been drawn to working with people, especially with touch. Luckily, Columbus offers a great school for reflexology that fit into my schedule. My instructor encouraged my curiosity in regard to learning more about reflexology. I was able to complete the 6-month program in only 2 months with purpose and intent.

Balanced Tree Reflexology opened its doors in January of 2016.

Balanced Tree Reflexology has continued to expand its offering including cupping, aromatouch massage, meditative reflexology, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and restorative techniques. BTR continues to offer reflexology with a side of PT including quick screen for muscle technique issues and work ergonomics.

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