Balanced Tree Reflexology does not accept insurance for reflexology services as it is not typically covered. However, if you have a valid Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA) card, you can use this to use this to pay for your services. 

Reflexology:  2018 pricing    2019 pricing

Full Session (60 minutes): $70      $80

3/4 session (45 minutes) $55          $65

Half Session (30 minutes): $40       $45

Ear Reflexology (alone or can be added to any other service 25 minutes): $35   $40

Children 10 and under (20-30 minutes): $30       S35

Doterra Aromatouch

Doterra Aromatouch: the aromatouch technique is an essential oil application applied to the back and feet to create a feeling of overall wellness. 8 different oils including Balance, Lavendar, Melaleuca, On-Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, and Peppermint will be applied. The session will last approximately 25 minutes-35 minutes but will be scheduled for a full 45 minutes to allow for preparation. $65      $70

Doterra Aromatouch PLUS 30 minute reflexology (1 hour): $90  $100

Doterra Aromatouch PLUS 60 minute reflexology (90 minutes) $125    $135

Essential Oils Add-on. Essential Oils can be added to your session. Oils will be determined based on needs of the day. $10      $10


Education sessions: Children 10 and under with parental/child education for self management. This is great for children with anxiety and sleep issues to create empowerment. This pricing is reflective of the education you will receive during the session to manage the needs of your child.  (60 minutes): $90      $100

Parent/Child follow-up review session (30 minutes): After completing the 1st educational session, further questions can be answered and techniques expanded. This will provide further opportunity to practice the technique while being guided by the practitioner.    (30 minutes) $50   $50

Quiet Time: After your session, you can choose to stay in the office alone to allow for further relaxation. Can be added to any service. Must be booked in advance.

30 minutes $25    $30

60 minutes $40    $50

Physical Therapy Ergonomics/Assessment/Consultation.
Body and back mechanics can affect each person differently and create increased stress and strain, especially on the spine. Assessments of work position, posture, sleep patterns/positions, daily stress activities will be made in. Suggestions will be made for clients to improve their overall ergonomics for their daily life activities.
Sessions: 1 Hour $85 $95


Referral program: Refer a new client and you will receive a coupon discount for your future sessions. If the referred client receives a half session, you will receive $5 off a session. If the referred client receives a full session, you will receive $10 off a session. Coupons can be combined/saved to discount to a completely free session. Coupons expire a 6 months after being earned.

Gift certificates available for purchase in a denomination or for a particular service. To purchase gift cards

  • Please contact us to purchase a gift certificate
  • call 614-565-4689 to purchase
  • on-line at (will instantly receive a printable gift card and code or can have emailed directly to recipient)
  • Gift certificates expire 2 years after purchase.
  • Gift certificates can be emailed or mailed to purchaser or recipient as requested by purchaser.