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Many athletes invest time, money and energy into their health and fitness. Often, on a daily basis the body of an athlete is pushed to it’s limits during training. With this in mind, the body of the athlete should be provided rest and recovery through reflexology.

Many times the athlete mind will only seek medical assistance when an injury has occurred. Through reflexology with additional PT information, relief can also be provided quickly to allow for the athlete to return to their training. The more acute the injury upon seeking help via reflexology and physical therapy, the quicker the recovery. If the injury/ pain has been progressing for some time, the recovery may take longer but will still be effective.

Reflexology/PT can also be used as a maintenance program to care for the body. By providing the body with relief and placing it back into homeostasis, it will be able to work harder, reach goals faster, and accomplish more.

Which service would you like to provide your body? Injury care or maintenance?

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