Why I love to work with chronic pain clients

Chronic pain encompasses so many aspects of life. You may find yourself surrounded by the beauty of the world but too exhausted to participate in life.

Chronic pain may physical, emotional, spiritual, or any combination of all of these.

Chronic pain is full of layers of present and past, ingrained in the cells of our entire body.

For chronic pain clients, they do not remember what it feels like to have less pain. The chronic pain client is exhausted to just get out of bed, is exhausted to try to explain to friends, family and co-workers why they are so tired. The chronic pain client is often unable to sleep despite being completely spent.

Being a PT, my goal is always to help clients have more function in their lives. By understanding each client’s situation and potential cause of pain, I work to address the multifaceted aspects of supporting the client.

By using reflexology and intuition to understand the body’s needs, I am able to address the root cause. Once the root cause is determined, if needed the client is educated in the aspects of PT that can help address the day to day issues creating the pain or tricks to alleviate the pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, even if it has been ongoing for months or years, I would like to help you. You do not need to live in this state of pain or take prescription medication to feel better. I have many clients that I can connect you with for references if you would like more information before making an appointment.

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