How can reflexology help me?

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Anyone can benefit from reflexology, regardless of age. If someone has a chronic medical condition that they are being treated for, or a recent injury, they are a perfect candidate for reflexology.

Conditions that can be helped by the use of reflexology:

  • allergies
  • anemia
  • headaches/migraines
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • bladder infections/UTI
  • bronchitis/ emphysema/ pneumonia
  • carpal tunnel syndromes
  • constipation/ diarrhea
  • cramps/ PMS/ female disorders/ menopause symptoms
  • diabetes
  • ear
  • edema/swelling
  • fainting
  • fatigue/ fever
  • gallstones
  • hypothyroidism/ hyperthyroidism
  • low sperm count
  • incontinence
  • insomnia
  • kidney stones
  • leg aches
  • acid reflux/ GERD/ morning sickness/ nausea
  • pregnancy
  • sciatic
  • shoulder/ back pain
  • sinusitis
  • whiplash

Proceed with caution:

  • pregnancy (areas can be avoided and not addressed when the client is pregnant)
  • open wounds
  • rashes/ foot fungus
  • blood clots (will depend on current medical management and clearance by physician)
  • foot fracture (hand reflexology can be completed instead of working near fracture)
  • active gout
  • congestive heart failure (unless cleared by physician)
  • charcot marie tooth disease (can work around area if sensitive)
  • surgery (can be helpful pre and post surgically if cleared by physician)
  • active menstration (lighter pressure may be indicated)
  • cancer (will be dependent on current condition or treatment of cancer.)


  • Blood Clots
  • acute/ recent fracture
  • severe cellulitis
  • contagious diseases

Clients should always check with their physician if they have concerns regarding their current health and receiving reflexology. Reflexology practitioners have the right to refuse to treat any client if it is determined receiving reflexology will not be safe for the client or practitioner.

Some clients choose to use reflexology only to treat problems that arise such as acute back pain, headaches or recent sports injury. Reflexology is an important part of self care when used on a regular basis. Many clients find that by receiving reflexology every 2-4 weeks, they maintain a healthier and happier quality of life.

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