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Does reflexology hurt?
No. There may be sensitive areas of the feet that are less comfortable than other areas. However, the reflexologist can use a lighter touch as needed.

Does reflexology tickle?
No. Even if your feet are very sensitive, the pressure applied to the feet is very different than the touch that creates a tickle effect. The intention of reflexology is to heal and help with relaxation.

How are reflexology and massage different?
Reflexology work affects the same body system and meridians that massage covers. However, where massage only externally works on the skin and muscles that are directly being touched, reflexology can cover more of the body system in a shorter period of time due to the map of the body being on the hands, feet, face, and ears. When a person is sensitive to the touch on a painful area of the body, they can typically find relief through reflexology of the foot, hand, or ear for that area.

Which session should I choose?
Session lengths depend on your needs. Children and people with smaller feet benefit best from 30-minute sessions. Someone with larger feet may need a longer session. For someone looking for increased relaxation, a longer session is also beneficial. Please note that your first session will be 15 minutes longer than scheduled to allow for paperwork and additional questions to be answered. Please plan accordingly. If you have further questions in regard to which session to choose, please just email at balancedtreereflexology@gmail.com.

Why should I invest in reflexology?
While reflexology might be considered a luxury, it can also be considered an investment in your health. Understand that by taking care of yourself, in terms of stress management and/or injury prevention, you will be better able to address life, work, and family needs. The saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” comes to mind. Reflexology can also help with injury prevention. Regular self-care can help lessen overall illness from stress and exhaustion.

How often should I receive reflexology?
Most clients that I work with receive reflexology every 2-4 weeks depending on their needs. In an acute situation such as a back strain, knee injury, or illness, a client might come weekly. Once feeling better, transition into a monthly program is appropriate.

Should I get reflexology when I have a cold?
Reflexology can be helpful to prevent colds by lowering overall stress levels and boost overall immunity. The combination of aromatouch massage with reflexology provides a heightened boost to help with immunity and management of any cold. Many clients use this session throughout the winter to stay healthy all winter long. Clients will be asked to wear a mask if they arrive for their appointment with a cold or illness.

How can I schedule an appointment?
Go to http://www.tinyurl.com/BTRappt, by phone at 614.565.4689, or email at balancedtreereflexology@gmail.com

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