“I tried Riann and reflexology to support a new business in the area. I was amazed at my results. I have had a significant decrease in neck and lower back pain as well as no headaches during my 4 sessions. Her space is peaceful and the added benefit of her knowledge of essential oils has been wonderful. She is truly a gift.” – Barb 

“I always leave Balanced Tree feeling amazingly better than when I walked in. Riann can help identify problem areas, help you relax, and because of her physical therapy background, make suggestions on how you might make small changes to feel better. I treasure my time at Balanced Tree!” – Sheila F.

“Riann at Balanced Tree Reflexology has helped me tremendously with chronic foot pain, and sports injuries time and time again. I’m able to walk, jog, and run pain free which before meeting Riann, I’d be in extreme discomfort. 60 minutes of her working on your feet is the best gift you can yourself. It’s amazing how incredibly your whoe body can feel as she works on it through your feet.” – Jaclyn D.

“I didn’t know much about reflexology prior to having a session at Balanced Tree. But having had sessions now, I am a full believer. I’ve had back pain in the past and usually have tried rest, medicine, even chiropractic work. But it never quite was right. I have gone to Balanced Tree now with such pain and have left the sessions feeling better and pain free. Riann is excellent at her trade, very knowledgeable – not only as a reflexolologist but as a Physical Therapist – and clearly knows how to help people. I highly recommend Balanced Tree!” – Lesley C.

I have been a client of Riann’s for approximately 6 months. During that time, I have found her to be very good at her job. I can feel the tension release as she massages the corresponding pressure points on my feet. With her background in physical therapy, Riann is a fount of knowledge about the body. You can always ask about your aches and pains, and she probably has a suggestion to help alleviate them. Riann is a good listener and conversationist if you want to talk; you don’t have to. My sessions with her have me doing weight training per her suggestion which has strengthen bones and helped reduce pain in my hip. Our conversations are not always related to the body. I am now the proud owner of a Yonanas machine and air fryer due to our many conversations about food and recipes. Get Riann a try…you will like what you receive back. -G. Johnson

If there is that spot on the body that it is bothersome, painful, or not just right…. This is the place to be. It feels magical but it is not , there is a lot of knowledge and application there that serves the hurting body well or keeps the one that is fine in good condition. I set an appointment Everytime I come into town from VA.- C. Spruill

I can’t recommend Riann more highly. Riann has been a compassionate practitioner who is skilled in brainstorming and problem solving, including referring me to other excellent practitioners. Her calming presence provides an overall wonderful wellness experience. — H. Levingston

I started as a client and eventually brought my kids for a session. We all – in different ways – have gleaned the benefits of reflexology. Not only do my kids ask me regularly to make an appointment for them, but it has taught them another method of taking care of their health and well-being so much so that they come in telling Riann their issue of the day! — M. Gayhart

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