“I tried Riann and reflexology to support a new business in the area. I was amazed at my results. I have had a significant decrease in neck and lower back pain as well as no headaches during my 4 sessions. Her space is peaceful and the added benefit of her knowledge of essential oils has been wonderful. She is truly a gift.” ~ Barb

“While Riann is highly astute in her reflexology practice, her warm and caring personality is an added bonus. I began regularly weekly treatments for my neck and then was able to reduce to every other week and now monthly. My neck rarely causes me any issues now and I can usually tell, when it is time for me to get a “tune up” before it becomes a bigger problem. This treatment was far more effective than going to 3 PT appointments each week for nearly 6 weeks. Riann is the best!” ~ Beth

“I discovered reflexology and Riann’s talent during a time when I was stretched way too thin and running on empty. I had clinched my jaw for so many week and held onto too much stress, which resulted in a knot in my shoulder. During a one hour session, Riann was able to relieve a large majority of that stress and I left the session feeling more balanced and grounded than I’ve felt in some time.” ~ Nikki